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What makes Flowers by Imogen different?

I've always loved arranging and growing flowers but when I did my first floristry training, I was shocked at the waste, plastic and vast importation of flowers. I couldn't believe the prevalent use of floral foam too, which contains horrendous toxic chemicals like formaldehyde.

So I launched Flowers by Imogen to change the floral industry, offer you the chance to have beautiful flowers grown right here on home soil. I'm a flower lover, and it shouldn't take killing the planet to appreciate them!

Here's how i'm different to other flower companies (and I mean the big ones who call themselves 'sustainable' because they use a bit of paper packaging - not your local independent florist, do support those if you can - just ask where they get their flowers!)

Flowers by Imogen

  • Locally grown mostly on my own small-scale flowers farms in Sussex & Bristol with no pesticides

  • Otherwise from other small British farms – I always indicate where the flowers have been grown

  • SUPER FRESH as they have been picked and are with you in a couple of days

  • Many have a beautiful scent which mass produced flowers don’t have. You can’t beat a beautifully fragrant English garden rose!

  • I know every single farmer personally that I buy from and I know they are ethically produced

  • Bought/cut to order so no waste

  • Flower waste sent to my farm for composting

  • Zero waste packaging

  • No dyes – all natural

  • Always in line with the British seasons – sometimes this means dried flowers in winter


Other flower delivery companies

  • Grown mostly in Netherlands, South America, Africa, cut and flown or driven in air conditioned lorries

  • Don't support local UK flower farmers

  • Unlikely to have ethical credentials - who's growing the flowers & what's their pay?

Cut sometimes 2 weeks before delivery

  • Treated with chemicals to keep them ‘fresh’ – many pesticides which are banned in the EU are used in S.America 

  • Vast greenhouses heated all year round to bring you flowers

  • Not actually usually 'seasonal' in British terms

  • Greenwashing - call themselves 'sustainable' which is all focused on paper packaging and not the carbon footprint of the flowers themselves

  • Watch out for 'zero carbon' too if they import flowers- sometimes this can just mean they've planted a few trees, which doesn't make up for using planes for flowers!