Dried Oats Bunch

Dried Oats Bunch

A handmade bunch of dried oats.

These flowers are 100% British (low carbon footprint), naturally dried (no chemical dyes) and eco-conscious.

Comes beautifully hand-wrapped in completely recyclable packaging. Our stickers and twine are biodegradable and ink is vegan/non-toxic.

This is a handmade natural product, so each bunch is unique and may vary slightly from the image.

  • How to Care For Your Flowers

    Keep dried flowers away from moisture and sun and they should for months, if not years!

  • Why British?

    British flowers are a lot more expensive than Dutch flowers (who dominate the industry) because they’re produced on a very small scale with little to no pesticides and are always seasonal. I’ve committed to using 100% British flowers to ensure I’m as eco conscious as possible; plus, traditional British flowers are some of the most beautiful in the world! Due to the seasonality I currently use fresh in the spring and summer and dried in the autumn and winter. You can trust these are the best quality local flowers grown with care and a low carbon footprint.